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The BackPack

on September 7, 2011

As the bus is pulling up this morning, my son says…”Where is my backpack?” “Have you seen it?”


Scramble around looking for Backpack, can’t find it…send him off with out it!

The kids went out the front door to the bus and I went out the back door to the truck, need to pay water bill.

When I get home, phone is ringing, “Mom, my backpack wasn’t on the bus and I can’t find it here at school. Can you come get me?”


I pick him up, we look all over the house, it is not here, tell him he has to go back to school, take a notebook with you….we get to school, he forgot the note book….Grrr! I am not going back with a note book. Sorry I have other things to do, you need to go to class and look for the backpack again in your other classes.


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