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Saturday Morning…

on September 10, 2011

The kids are outside ‘doing’ their bake sale…I bake the breads for them and they sell it! Sounds easy, this way they get to earn some spending money or they can put their earnings towards what they want or need. It is amazing how many of the customers are men! Men love comfort food! And the women say, I am buying this for my husband, he will love it! The best way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach for sure!

Out in the garden this morning…the tomatoes are starting to come in nicely now, that the heat is subsiding! This is really the best time of the year for a garden! The beets and radish seeds took well and so did the onions already! Should have a nice crop this fall. We planted the onions in between the zucchini plants, somewhere along the way we read to plant the onions with them to try to get the squash bug to leave the zucchini plants alone! We lost the spring zucchini to the squash bug…Grrr!  The tomato plants I started from cuttings off the plants already in the garden, are starting to produce now, hopefully we will have enough to make some sauce!

Well, Dad is going to be deploying again next week. Of course we are not happy, but this is life in the military. So, now he is in a “gotta get it done” mode….trying to get things done, he thought he would be able to do this fall or winter. Almost like a panic. It will get done, and what doesn’t the kids and I will pick up later and get done. Nothing too dramatic, just yard chores and ‘stuff’. Next week is his birthday too! We will have a couple of nice dinners for him before he goes and bake him a good cake. Kind of hard to try to get a birthday present for him now, we will figure something out….amybe some new socks to take down range…..

This weekend I am supposed to be making more of the Pansies….so let me get working on them….

See you all later!




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