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It’s Thursday Already!?

on September 15, 2011

Where is this week going?! It was just Saturday! Now it’s Thursday! Time goes so fast sometimes!

Well we received the official word, my husband is deploying for a year to Afghanistan with his unit. This is abosolutely the worst part of being a military family. The deployments just tear at the family. This is not our first, but it is our LAST deployment! Thank heavens. Husband retires a year after his return from deployment. The kids are not happy, but they are troopers and are putting up a good fce for him.

So, now he is in a panic mode about the house, he is trying to do all the things on the HoneyDo list, that he has been putting off…..Last night after work, he tore the bathroom ceiling down. We have had evidence of moisture up there since we bought the house….thought it was due to no bathroom vent, he has scraped it and repainted it….6 months later it is peeling again! Is it the roof? We needed a new roof really bad, last year around Christmas time, we had a new roof put on. Six months later the bathroom ceiling is peeling again! Argh! It wasn’t the roof … it a leak in the plumbing from the bathroom upstairs?  He drills a pilot hole into the ceilng…the plaster is dry! What? But the paint is still peeling! Make a hole in the ceiling….this ceiling is not just sheet rock, it is a layer of plaster over cement or stucco stuff which has a layer of metal mesh! Never saw this before! What is behind all this stuff? An airconditioning duct! It is condensating during the summer and the water drips and causes the water damage to the ceiling, so now there is a hole! Tonight he will figure out something and insulate the duct. Thankheavens it’s not leaky pipes, but then they would have been easier to fix!

Today is Hubsters’ Birthday! We will have a nice dinner and yummy cake for him. The kids are making cards and we have a gift too! Sometimes he is really hard to buy for, he always says, I don’t need anything….but he always loves the cards the kids make!

Yesterday, We placed the Cap and Gown order for our daughters’ graduation. Time has really passed so quickly! It was just yesterday she was starting Kindergarten!  All of the graduates wear a light blue gown with a white bib collar, they look great all dressed up. This year is going to be a good year  for her! Tomorrow night is Homecoming! The Marching Band, she is in the percussion pit,  will be wearing their new uniforms! All white, how dramatic! Will get lots of pictures and will post on Saturday! Can’t wait to see the Band in Action this year!

Today I have a full plate, baking a birthday cake, thhin yellow layers with fudge frosting, and also baking cookies for the homecoming fair, crocheting the Pansies and Peruvian helmet hat and the post office!  Think I better get the cake in the oven!

See you soon!


One response to “It’s Thursday Already!?

  1. Sue says:

    After reading that, I need a nap.

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