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on October 16, 2011

Today it is a week, since you left us. I know you left us for a better place. I know you are with us, and always will be. I went to pick up the phone to call you. It is Sunday morning, just calling to say Hi and see how you are doing. The kids are great, doing well as they can be. John is good, still doing his Army stuff. Do you need anything? How are you doing with the coloring books? Do you need more? Annette told me you are doing some beautiful work in the books. How are your legs, are you keeping them up? I miss you.

Don’t know how to take your number out of the auto dial on the phone….do you have a new number in heaven? If I delete your number, I feel like I will be deleting you. Can I keep your number for awhile longer? I think I will always keep it, can’t let go just right now.

Your funeral mass was beautiful! There were many Catholic Daughters’ there, Joan Marron, and Kay Baker were in the color guard. The Catholic Daughters were in fine form for you. You would have loved the Bagpies, he played Danny Boy and when Irish eyes are smiling for you! He was wonderful. Mr Louden was the Deacon with Msgr for your mass. Tere wasn’t a dry eye in the church at times. All seven of us behaved well, we didn’t let you down, and won’t now either.

We spread your ashes at Cedar Beach. We thought it was apprpriate to let you go to heaven via the beach, we all know how much you loved the beach.

Be free Mom, I will call again to see how you are doing.

I love you!


One response to “Mom

  1. Annemarie says:

    It sounds like a touching service.

    PS – I never deleted my father’s number either.

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