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Good Monday Morning!

on October 24, 2011

Today is the beginning of a new week! Yeah! Duh! You say to your self!

The weather here is supposed to be nice this week, more than likely the last week for the tomatoes in the garden, though.

As soon as we get our first frost warning, that will be the end of the garden. The tomatoe plants just started to produce nicely once the heat broke. Time to start planning the new garden for next summer! We will plant snow peas in the spring again! They grew so nicely and the kids ate them raw while picking! Next summer I don’t think we will plant as many cucumber plants….we had too many, the neighbors loved them though! Hopefully we can battle off the squash bug enough for the zucchinin can grow…someone told me to plant onion or garlic in between the zucchini plants, suppossedly will ward off the bugger! Will try!

We have some good looking broccoli plants out there right now. All have little heads starting, about the size of a quarter, Mmmm! Brocoli cheese soup! on a cold winter night for supper! Of course with home made bread, the best! The red pepper plants were a hit this summer, lots of red pepper jelly, I think I can get one more batch out of what is left on the plants. I am sending John a jar in his care package this week, will wrap in bubble wrap and pack with socks or underwear to avoid breakage! Guess I should include some of his favorite crackers too!

Over the weekend, Martin and MaryKate planted the iris’ we brought back from Grandmas’ garden, I hope the take well, they were one of her favorite flowers. They are mine too! These are purple and blue, maybe I will get some pink ones to add to the garden. In the spring I would like to get a nice Rose bush to plant in my flower garden, maybe a peace rose, will have to wait and see what is available out there in the spring.

It is time to get my groove on, see you later!

Red peppers in the making!

These will make some nice jelly!


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