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You will not believe what happened last night….

on December 8, 2011

You will not believe what happened last night….

I was running out to drop Mary Kate off at work, I asked Martin to please vacum out the pellet stove while I was gone, we needed to fire it up as the temperatures were dropping overnight…..

Upon returning home,  the kitchen door is wide open and a fan going, blowing out…Martin is standing there…”Mom! I have a problem, I need your help!” The house is full of ‘smoke’ or at least that was my first thought, and I think, ok, no biggie…it wasn’t smoke….it was superfine ash from the pellet stove….ALL OVER the diningroom and kitchen area……kinda like that video last week of the kids with the flour….but this is black fine ash… took forwever to clean it up, it is all over EVERYTHING…we will be cleaning that stuff up for years, we will find it when we least expect it…..I had to laugh after it was all said and done.

Thank heavens I went to the post office, so many orders had been on the table and would have been in the direct line of fire…..

This morning I ran the swiffer sweeper thingy around the Diningroom again, it is covered in the black soot!

Mary Kate says this is one for the books! For sure it certainly is!


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