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Spring is Springing!

on March 22, 2012

It has been too long since I have been on here! Time to get my act together!

This weekend I plan on do alot of gardening in our poor neglected veggie garden…the broccoli is way past it’s harvest and has gone totally to flower…the honey bees are enjoying it!

And every couple of days Mary Kate snips a small branch or two, but now it is time for some new plants to grow!


We need to get out there and mow the whole garden and weed out the beds.

 I think the onions we planted back in November around Thanksgiving have been enjoying the neglect!

 The onion plants have these pod thingys…are they going to flower? Are they ready to harvest? I don’t know, this is the first time we have grown onions, another learning experience! I will have to get out the garden books and look this up!

There are enough onions growing for a year, what do we do after harvest?

Yep, another learning experience!

 We have beens, peas, beets and garlic to plant right now, and later we will be putting in tomatoes.

We grow tomatoes for salad and sandwiches…nothing like a fresh tomatoe sandwich!

Has to be on white bread with Hellman’s Mayo, salt and pepper…that’s it short and sweet and the best sandwich you can make all summer long!

Will also be planting Roma tomatoes for fresh sauce and little cherry or grape tomatoes for snacking, funny how we grow tomatoes according to use!

I refuse to buy tomatoes during the winter, they just aren’t the same as to the ones you get fresh from the garden

The Iris’ we brought back from Mom’s garden are doing well, Martin and MaryKate planted them in my flower garden.

The rhizomes are even starting to grow new little plants, I think they will adapt weel to the climate here.

Cant’t wait for them to bloom!

 Iris’s are one of my favorite flowers, next year I will invest in a few more maybe pink ones!


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