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Pinterest Celery

How many times have you looked in the fridge and found either the celery has gone yucky or you just didn’t have any.

So frustrating especially when you only need a stalk or two.

One day while cruising through Pinterest, I came upon an article about growing your own Celery.

It sounded feasible, was easy enough to do, and wouldn’t take up any extra room on the deck.

Off to the garden to get a flower pot! I can do this! Easy Peasy!

On the very bottom of the pot I put coffee filters, to hold the soil in, then in went the biodegradable packing peanuts to take up some of the space, and then the potting soil. I use the kind that has fertilizer already in it….Easy Peasy is the motto!

Yes I had purchased a fresh Celery bunch, just yesterday at the grocery store,and used my two stalks for some tuna salad.

I cut off the bottom of the stalk about 3 inches from the bottom.

The rest of the celery was put away in the fridge and the bottom was planted in the pot of soil.

Just stuck it in the dirt, about two inches deep, and gave it a good drink of water!

What’s to lose? If it didn’t work, it would all go in the compost pile!

Day 2

Day 2, The Grasshopper seems to approve!

Day 3

Day 3 the leaves are starting to sprout!

Day 7

Day 7 Real Leaves are growing!

Day 9

Day 9, The stalks are starting to form!

TaDa! The celery is actually growing, there are stalks starting to form.

Hopefully soon they will be big enough to start to harvest!

According to the article, you can just cut off what you need and new stalks will grow,

kind of like perpetual celery!

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Thank you Nicole Michelles Creations! This was a complete surprise and greatly appreciated. Happy to hear the ornaments are the perfect fit for you and your family!

Nicole Michelles

The Crochet Lady’s Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments Review


“Crochet Covered Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments 2 1/2inch balls, created with high quality cotton thread and decorated with “Pearl” accent. Red, White and Green. Beautiful to hang on tree or in your Christmas decor. Sold as a set of three.  Made in the USA”


I found the Crochet Lady’s Christmas tree ornaments when doing a little maintenance on my Shop Military Spouse Made Facebook page.  We were in the process of redoing our tree.  Well let me be totally honest.  We had been trying to redo our tree’s decorations for 2 years.  Each year we would put everything up and it was just missing something.  I can’t really describe it other than it wasn’t a great tree.  Anyway!  

I had been searching for little additions and these gorgeous ornaments were just about as delightful as Lauren (the owner) herself! They came…

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April Murray with Twice As Loved has graciously featured The Crochet Lady in her Monday’s Crafty Military Wife Blog Post! Thank you very much April for the wonderful opportunity!

Twice As Loved: Wind Chimes and More

Each Monday I will be featuring one crafty military wife.  Check out today’s.

What is your real name? Lauren Kenefick

What is the name of your shop/business/company?The Crochet Lady

With which branch of the military are you affiliated? US Army 82 CAB, Ft Bragg, NC

Where are you from or where are you stationed? We live in Carthage, about 35 miles from post out in the country….love it out here!

What type of crafts do you create?
I Crochet, just about anything, from baby hats, doilys, Convertible Mittens and Prayer Shawls…..What can I make for you!

Crocheted Primitive Heart Shaped Pink and White Crocheted Coasters Mug MatsConvertible Crocheted Mittens Purple WoolCrocheted Shawl, Triangle, Pink and Green Tweed VarigatedLittle Bitty Ditty Bag Drawstring Pouch Purse Crocheted Small Red with White and Blue Stripes

How did you get started in crafting? I learned to crochet from a book while I was in High School, but as a kid I was always crafting, creating or making something!

What do you do when you aren’t creating? I am a mother of 3 teenage / young adults, and I am…

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WoW! Where did this week go?!

Where did the week go?

Life around here has been crazy busy! But ALL good!

My Daughter graduated from High School last Friday Night!

It was a very nice ceremony on the football field under the lights. Last year when my oldest son graduated, they were in the pours of rain!

This year the  weather was just perfect!

A light enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes away and just warm enough not to need a sweater!

The graduates all looked their best! All of the parents in attendance were so proud!

Unfortunately my husband wasn’t able to attend, as he remains deployed with the US Army to Afghanistan. So as a surprise for my daughter, my sons and I were able to obtain a full length picture of Daddy and had a life size photo cut out of him made….

Operation Daddy on a stick was launched! We went to the local sign maker and they did the cut out for us, even they were in on the secret!

On graduation night, we dropped off my daughter to be with her class mates, in the mean time my son was on line with ‘Daddy” so that we could be down in front so that she would be able to see him.

We created a stand up for the cut out from PVC pipes and we used zip ties to hold him to it.Daddy on a Stick

We only had the top half with us and put ‘him’ up for her to see as the procession came out onto the field. She face palmed when she saw him standing there! Some of the other graduates asked what was with the sign….”That’s my Dad”, “Oh! Cool” was the response of the event!

After the ceremony we were able to get some great photos with all of the kids and Daddy too!

You wouldn’t know he wasn’t there in person, but he certainly was with us in full spirit!


Good Morning Sunshine!

I cannot believe how time flies! It feels like I was here yesterday!

This past Fall and Spring I planted some Iris and a couple of rose bushes in my little flower garden in honor of my Mother.

The Irises have taken and bloomed beautifully. There are solid Purple, Purple and White and Purple and Yellow ones.

My gracious neighbor from across the street has given me some of his prized Irises also!

He has given me some more Purple and Whites and Bright Yellow ones! I

have a friend up in Pennsylvania who has promised me some of her prized pure White Irises!

And I also planted some Pink ones too!

Next year my Iris garden is going to be absolutely beautiful!

Mom's Irises

Mom’s Iris

The Rose Bushes planted are also blooming!

They are a beautiful shade of Pink. Roses are one of my favorite flowers.

When we married, I carried a bouquet of Pink Roses, something like these roses!

Pink Roses

My Pink Roses

 Another of the Irises ….

Dark Purple Iris

Dark Purple Iris

Hope you enjoyed this stroll through my garden!

This weekend we are going to be VERY busy in the veggie garden…we are planting bell peppers and cukes.

The season is getting late, need to get a move on!


Spring is Springing!

It has been too long since I have been on here! Time to get my act together!

This weekend I plan on do alot of gardening in our poor neglected veggie garden…the broccoli is way past it’s harvest and has gone totally to flower…the honey bees are enjoying it!

And every couple of days Mary Kate snips a small branch or two, but now it is time for some new plants to grow!


We need to get out there and mow the whole garden and weed out the beds.

 I think the onions we planted back in November around Thanksgiving have been enjoying the neglect!

 The onion plants have these pod thingys…are they going to flower? Are they ready to harvest? I don’t know, this is the first time we have grown onions, another learning experience! I will have to get out the garden books and look this up!

There are enough onions growing for a year, what do we do after harvest?

Yep, another learning experience!

 We have beens, peas, beets and garlic to plant right now, and later we will be putting in tomatoes.

We grow tomatoes for salad and sandwiches…nothing like a fresh tomatoe sandwich!

Has to be on white bread with Hellman’s Mayo, salt and pepper…that’s it short and sweet and the best sandwich you can make all summer long!

Will also be planting Roma tomatoes for fresh sauce and little cherry or grape tomatoes for snacking, funny how we grow tomatoes according to use!

I refuse to buy tomatoes during the winter, they just aren’t the same as to the ones you get fresh from the garden

The Iris’ we brought back from Mom’s garden are doing well, Martin and MaryKate planted them in my flower garden.

The rhizomes are even starting to grow new little plants, I think they will adapt weel to the climate here.

Cant’t wait for them to bloom!

 Iris’s are one of my favorite flowers, next year I will invest in a few more maybe pink ones!

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You will not believe what happened last night….

You will not believe what happened last night….

I was running out to drop Mary Kate off at work, I asked Martin to please vacum out the pellet stove while I was gone, we needed to fire it up as the temperatures were dropping overnight…..

Upon returning home,  the kitchen door is wide open and a fan going, blowing out…Martin is standing there…”Mom! I have a problem, I need your help!” The house is full of ‘smoke’ or at least that was my first thought, and I think, ok, no biggie…it wasn’t smoke….it was superfine ash from the pellet stove….ALL OVER the diningroom and kitchen area……kinda like that video last week of the kids with the flour….but this is black fine ash… took forwever to clean it up, it is all over EVERYTHING…we will be cleaning that stuff up for years, we will find it when we least expect it…..I had to laugh after it was all said and done.

Thank heavens I went to the post office, so many orders had been on the table and would have been in the direct line of fire…..

This morning I ran the swiffer sweeper thingy around the Diningroom again, it is covered in the black soot!

Mary Kate says this is one for the books! For sure it certainly is!

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Good Monday Morning!

Today is the beginning of a new week! Yeah! Duh! You say to your self!

The weather here is supposed to be nice this week, more than likely the last week for the tomatoes in the garden, though.

As soon as we get our first frost warning, that will be the end of the garden. The tomatoe plants just started to produce nicely once the heat broke. Time to start planning the new garden for next summer! We will plant snow peas in the spring again! They grew so nicely and the kids ate them raw while picking! Next summer I don’t think we will plant as many cucumber plants….we had too many, the neighbors loved them though! Hopefully we can battle off the squash bug enough for the zucchinin can grow…someone told me to plant onion or garlic in between the zucchini plants, suppossedly will ward off the bugger! Will try!

We have some good looking broccoli plants out there right now. All have little heads starting, about the size of a quarter, Mmmm! Brocoli cheese soup! on a cold winter night for supper! Of course with home made bread, the best! The red pepper plants were a hit this summer, lots of red pepper jelly, I think I can get one more batch out of what is left on the plants. I am sending John a jar in his care package this week, will wrap in bubble wrap and pack with socks or underwear to avoid breakage! Guess I should include some of his favorite crackers too!

Over the weekend, Martin and MaryKate planted the iris’ we brought back from Grandmas’ garden, I hope the take well, they were one of her favorite flowers. They are mine too! These are purple and blue, maybe I will get some pink ones to add to the garden. In the spring I would like to get a nice Rose bush to plant in my flower garden, maybe a peace rose, will have to wait and see what is available out there in the spring.

It is time to get my groove on, see you later!

Red peppers in the making!

These will make some nice jelly!

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Today it is a week, since you left us. I know you left us for a better place. I know you are with us, and always will be. I went to pick up the phone to call you. It is Sunday morning, just calling to say Hi and see how you are doing. The kids are great, doing well as they can be. John is good, still doing his Army stuff. Do you need anything? How are you doing with the coloring books? Do you need more? Annette told me you are doing some beautiful work in the books. How are your legs, are you keeping them up? I miss you.

Don’t know how to take your number out of the auto dial on the phone….do you have a new number in heaven? If I delete your number, I feel like I will be deleting you. Can I keep your number for awhile longer? I think I will always keep it, can’t let go just right now.

Your funeral mass was beautiful! There were many Catholic Daughters’ there, Joan Marron, and Kay Baker were in the color guard. The Catholic Daughters were in fine form for you. You would have loved the Bagpies, he played Danny Boy and when Irish eyes are smiling for you! He was wonderful. Mr Louden was the Deacon with Msgr for your mass. Tere wasn’t a dry eye in the church at times. All seven of us behaved well, we didn’t let you down, and won’t now either.

We spread your ashes at Cedar Beach. We thought it was apprpriate to let you go to heaven via the beach, we all know how much you loved the beach.

Be free Mom, I will call again to see how you are doing.

I love you!

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A new week…

Well it has been a week since you left.

I miss you! I miss your mess! I miss you! I miss your conversation! I miss you!

I miss your farts! I miss you! I miss your face ! I miss you!

I miss you talking to the cats! I miss You! I miss you driving like a crazy man!

I miss You! I miss you doing the garden! I miss you!

Dammit! I miss you!

I love you!

I miss YOU!