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WoW! Where did this week go?!

Where did the week go?

Life around here has been crazy busy! But ALL good!

My Daughter graduated from High School last Friday Night!

It was a very nice ceremony on the football field under the lights. Last year when my oldest son graduated, they were in the pours of rain!

This year the  weather was just perfect!

A light enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes away and just warm enough not to need a sweater!

The graduates all looked their best! All of the parents in attendance were so proud!

Unfortunately my husband wasn’t able to attend, as he remains deployed with the US Army to Afghanistan. So as a surprise for my daughter, my sons and I were able to obtain a full length picture of Daddy and had a life size photo cut out of him made….

Operation Daddy on a stick was launched! We went to the local sign maker and they did the cut out for us, even they were in on the secret!

On graduation night, we dropped off my daughter to be with her class mates, in the mean time my son was on line with ‘Daddy” so that we could be down in front so that she would be able to see him.

We created a stand up for the cut out from PVC pipes and we used zip ties to hold him to it.Daddy on a Stick

We only had the top half with us and put ‘him’ up for her to see as the procession came out onto the field. She face palmed when she saw him standing there! Some of the other graduates asked what was with the sign….”That’s my Dad”, “Oh! Cool” was the response of the event!

After the ceremony we were able to get some great photos with all of the kids and Daddy too!

You wouldn’t know he wasn’t there in person, but he certainly was with us in full spirit!