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Pinterest Celery

How many times have you looked in the fridge and found either the celery has gone yucky or you just didn’t have any.

So frustrating especially when you only need a stalk or two.

One day while cruising through Pinterest, I came upon an article about growing your own Celery.

It sounded feasible, was easy enough to do, and wouldn’t take up any extra room on the deck.

Off to the garden to get a flower pot! I can do this! Easy Peasy!

On the very bottom of the pot I put coffee filters, to hold the soil in, then in went the biodegradable packing peanuts to take up some of the space, and then the potting soil. I use the kind that has fertilizer already in it….Easy Peasy is the motto!

Yes I had purchased a fresh Celery bunch, just yesterday at the grocery store,and used my two stalks for some tuna salad.

I cut off the bottom of the stalk about 3 inches from the bottom.

The rest of the celery was put away in the fridge and the bottom was planted in the pot of soil.

Just stuck it in the dirt, about two inches deep, and gave it a good drink of water!

What’s to lose? If it didn’t work, it would all go in the compost pile!

Day 2

Day 2, The Grasshopper seems to approve!

Day 3

Day 3 the leaves are starting to sprout!

Day 7

Day 7 Real Leaves are growing!

Day 9

Day 9, The stalks are starting to form!

TaDa! The celery is actually growing, there are stalks starting to form.

Hopefully soon they will be big enough to start to harvest!

According to the article, you can just cut off what you need and new stalks will grow,

kind of like perpetual celery!

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Perfect Lemon Bars

Yesterday while cruising my Pinterest, a recipe was posted for Perfect Lemon Bars.

Thinking they would be a perfect ending to supper tonight, so off to the kitchen. All ingredients needed were on hand, this was going to be easy!

It wouldn’t be summer with out some Lemon Bars and this summer has been a hot one!

I love Lemon Bars! Just like Lemon Pie but better!

Perfect Lemon Bars

The Best Lemon Bars I have ever made!

I am not a professional food photographer….but I had to get a picture before the kids got into them!

We made some Blueberry topping from the blueberries we picked earlier this month to go with these Perfect Lemon Bars.

These would be perfect with a hot cup of coffee, BUT! The kids ate them all…happy they enjoyed!


Summer in Moore County

Over the past few days, the kids and I have been reaping the rewards of fresh fruit and produce from here in Moore County!

We have gone Blueberry and Blackberry picking, picked up some delicious Peaches out at the orchard and purchased fresh Cantaloupe melons from the farmers’ roadside sales!. All of the fruits and vegetables are starting to come in now. The white or silver queen corn is being harvested and is just scrumptious on the grill! All of the fruits are so sweet and fully ripe, there nothing like purchasing local from the farmer’s!

Fresh Blackberries

Fresh Blackberries

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Blueberries

Fresh Peaches

Fresh Peaches












The Blueberries have made their way into some scrumptious Blueberry Muffins! A fantastic breakfast this morning, the berries are so sweet this year! I am looking for a recipe for blueberry pie filling I can can up in pint jars. My boys enjoy cheesecake with blueberry topping! The Blackberries are going to be made into Blackberry Jam today, and the Peaches, right now are just being eaten out of the bowl! Sweet and Juicy!

On Monday morning I will be picking up some more to ship to my sister out of state, I know she and her boys are going to really enjoy them!

This summer started nice cool and I think that gave the fruits and veggies time to set their roots and get a good start. As of lately, like the rest of the country we have been in the middle of a brutal heat wave. Thus the fruits are ripening quickly! We need to get them as soon as they are available to enjoy them at their peak of flavor. And Oh! What fantastic flavors this summer!

Our garden was half eaten by the local deer, but the tomato plants have recovered well and are starting to bear fruits. Can’t wait for the Roma tomatoes to start coming in, I make sauce and freeze it for use all winter long. There just isn’t anything better than a nice fat Beefsteak Tomato sliced on a sandwich! I will post pictures soon, as they get a little bigger!