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Perfect Lemon Bars

Yesterday while cruising my Pinterest, a recipe was posted for Perfect Lemon Bars.

Thinking they would be a perfect ending to supper tonight, so off to the kitchen. All ingredients needed were on hand, this was going to be easy!

It wouldn’t be summer with out some Lemon Bars and this summer has been a hot one!

I love Lemon Bars! Just like Lemon Pie but better!

Perfect Lemon Bars

The Best Lemon Bars I have ever made!

I am not a professional food photographer….but I had to get a picture before the kids got into them!

We made some Blueberry topping from the blueberries we picked earlier this month to go with these Perfect Lemon Bars.

These would be perfect with a hot cup of coffee, BUT! The kids ate them all…happy they enjoyed!