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Pinterest Celery

How many times have you looked in the fridge and found either the celery has gone yucky or you just didn’t have any.

So frustrating especially when you only need a stalk or two.

One day while cruising through Pinterest, I came upon an article about growing your own Celery.

It sounded feasible, was easy enough to do, and wouldn’t take up any extra room on the deck.

Off to the garden to get a flower pot! I can do this! Easy Peasy!

On the very bottom of the pot I put coffee filters, to hold the soil in, then in went the biodegradable packing peanuts to take up some of the space, and then the potting soil. I use the kind that has fertilizer already in it….Easy Peasy is the motto!

Yes I had purchased a fresh Celery bunch, just yesterday at the grocery store,and used my two stalks for some tuna salad.

I cut off the bottom of the stalk about 3 inches from the bottom.

The rest of the celery was put away in the fridge and the bottom was planted in the pot of soil.

Just stuck it in the dirt, about two inches deep, and gave it a good drink of water!

What’s to lose? If it didn’t work, it would all go in the compost pile!

Day 2

Day 2, The Grasshopper seems to approve!

Day 3

Day 3 the leaves are starting to sprout!

Day 7

Day 7 Real Leaves are growing!

Day 9

Day 9, The stalks are starting to form!

TaDa! The celery is actually growing, there are stalks starting to form.

Hopefully soon they will be big enough to start to harvest!

According to the article, you can just cut off what you need and new stalks will grow,

kind of like perpetual celery!

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It’s 102 outside….

It is 102 outside. If I think about it, I will just get hotter.

So I sat down and crocheted another pair of Convertible Mittens out of the pretty yarns from a few weeks ago!

When you are working on something, are you thinking, listening, praying? Many tell me they are saying a prayer for the person the item they are creating is intended. I found myself doing just that! When I am crocheting I am relaxing and thinking. You have to pay attention to what you are doing while crocheting, but I can also use the time to think out different things going on in our lives. Sometimes the TV is on and I listen, you can’t watch, HaHaHa! Sometimes the radio is on…a country station, they play the top 40, a classic rock station, or a golden oldies station. Mostly it is white noise in the background. A lot of the time I am thinking, or saying a prayer.

This weekend I was able to pick up some just beautiful Cobalt Grey Bamboo Angora yarn. The grey is almost a slate grey, soft and warm. I also started a beautiful shawl. As I crochet I found myself thinking of my Mother, she would have loved this one!

All of the pretty yarns from last month have been used, But! Have no fear for I have a stash that could last a life time! No, not really, but if my husband saw it he would think so! Think it is time to start using more of it in my newest creations!

Tonight I will work more on the shawl, this week I need to get moving on a blanket and special little items for a baby boy soon to arrive!

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New Items!

Today I finally posted a new item to my shop!

Life has been crazy busy this past month!

But have no fear I am trying to get back in shop shape and start listing items 2 – 3 times a week!

So hold onto your hats! Here we go!

Texters Gloves

Admiral Blue Texters Gloves

Admiral Blue Texting Gloves

Admiral Blue Cloche Hat and Cowl

Admiral Blue Crocheted Cloche and Cowl

Admiral Blue Crocheted Cloche and Cowl

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Today I received a shipment of some beautiful yarn in the mail.

I purchased the yarns from a lovely shop on Etsy, Susan Knits,


The yarn pictured is an Acrylic/Wool blend. Soft and brightly colored!

Mittens Yarn!

I see some really nice Mittens to be created from this yarn.

Think I will start today with the bright yellow and make a pair of mittens for a young lady.

There is enough of the teal to create a pair of convertible mittens and a nice warm cowl!

Stay posted for pictures of my creations.

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